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Buy the Sound Blaster G3 Communication Bundle

Sound Blaster G3 Communication Bundle

Portable External Console Gaming USB-C DAC Amp & Stereo Headset for Calls and Music


Sound Blaster G3


This is it. The first Sound Blaster made specifically for PlayStation® 4 and Nintendo Switch™ users.

If you were a PC user, it would be easy getting a DAC, amp, or sound card to satisfy your audio needs. But why isn't it the same for console users? With 30 years of legacy and technical expertise in PC audio, we are venturing beyond the PC and into gaming consoles, and the Sound Blaster G3 is our answer. Designed to be a fuss-free, driverless audio upgrade for your gaming consoles, the G3 is meant to provide users with premium gaming features without having to break the bank.

Making our first foray into gaming audio on consoles, we debut our latest GameVoice Mix for game and voice chat balance capability, a customizable EQ preset with custom-tuned Footsteps Enhancer, and on-the-fly audio adjustments without having to exit your game's screen.

If all you have ever known is the default audio on your consoles, try the G3. We'll let its performance speak for itself.


One Hand. All Controls.

Built with form and functionality in mind, the G3 provides direct access to the independent mic and volume controls on each side of the device. While you're busy maneuvering in-game with one hand on the controller, you can make mic and volume adjustments instinctively on the other with just a single hand grip!


High-Quality Audio

Hear Better.

At the core of G3 lies a sound chip that supports high-definition audio performance, with the capabilities to drive studio-grade headphones of up to 300Ω. Combined with a super compact and lightweight form factor, this is the audio upgrade that's been missing from your console's setup.

Creative EP-630i

Comfortable in-ear design with deep bass and clear speech

Featuring an in-ear design that reduces background noise significantly, you can now enjoy clearer audio playback from your iPhone™ and iPod® player with the Creative EP-630i stereo headset.

Powered by quality Neodymium drivers to offer high-quality audio reproduction with extraordinary bass, the EP-630i is ideal for speech and digital music playback on your iPhone and iPod player. What's more, get absolute convenience with the one-touch control located on the in-line microphone - which offers you hands-free communication with your iPhone.

In-ear design which reduces background noise

Excellent noise-isolation capability

The in-ear design reduces background noise, giving you crisp and clear playback with impactful bass from your iPhone and iPod player.
Available in 3 different sizes of earbuds

Snug fit

Find your perfect fit for the EP-630i comes bundled with three pairs of soft silicone earbuds in different sizes.
In-line mic which lets you control your music

Slim in-line microphone

The built-in control on the slim in-line microphone allows you to toggle between the answer call mode and the music mode on your iPhone conveniently.



At around £55/$60, the Sound Blaster G3 is a significant investment. However, it is something that you can use with a wide range of consoles and computers, or even Android phones, and you'll get some benefit out of it even for listening to music or playing non-competitive games. For that reason, if you want to take your audio quality seriously and you're using wired headphones, the G3 is a sensible acquisition.

Sound Blaster G3 Communication Bundle



For $60, this is an excellent addition to your gaming experience, especially if you have cheaper headphones, or, if you are like me, you play your games through a monitor with terrible speakers. If you are a fan of gaming audio but don't have the best setup right now, it's worth your time to pick one of these up today.

4/5 Stars

Sound Blaster G3 Communication Bundle



If you’ve got great headphones that cost a small fortune, they’ll ensure you’re able to get the most out of them. I’ll admit, not everyone needs a good amp, some just don’t care. However, if you want to spark life into your movies, music and games, this is a pretty affordable way to do it!

Sound Blaster G3 Communication Bundle


Customer Reviews

C. Ng

The G3 plugs direct into my laptop's USB-C port and immediately improved the audio capabilities of my work station. 1. Headphones and speakers sounded better with purer silence - no electronic hiss! 2. Zoom and Google Meet conferences are clearer for my audience with the G3's mic-in. 3. Enjoy clean, high resolution recordings for media productions. The unit is even capable of recording live system sound as an input! Overall the G3 punches hard well above its weight! and I am not even using it for gaming yet.

H. Ahmad

Great companion to my SHP9500.

F. Pinto

Amazing product

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Sound Blaster G3
    • Sound Blaster G3
    • Optical Cable (1m / 3.28 ft)
    • USB Type-C to Type-A Converter
    • Quick Start Leaflet
    • Warranty Leaflet
  • Creative EP-630i
    • 1 pair of Creative EP-630i in-ear stereo headset
    • 3 pairs of silicone earbuds in different sizes

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