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“Hey Cap, you read me?”|Amidst the sounds of fire crackling, aliens roaring, and the powerful solemn background music, Steve Rogers pauses at this faint sound of hope, unable to believe his ears.|“Cap, it’s Sam. Can you hear me? On your left.”|Almost immediately, portals opened up one after another.

You watch as your hair stands on end, goosebumps creeping across your body. Even though it’s not exactly a plot twist, you just can’t help but get swept away by the sight of literally all the Avengers assembling on this final battlefield.

When award-winning effects and evocative acting meet Super X-Fi’s hyper-realistic audio, you can feel the action and despair first-hand as though you’re right there. With Super X-Fi, you can skip the line for movie tickets because you’ve got something better—you get to enjoy the same cinematic audio but in the comfort of your own home. Plus, there’s no need to snatch for the best seats in the theater because Super X-Fi puts you right smack in the middle of the audio sweet spot. Every. Single. Time.

enhanced dialogue clarity

Hear what the actors are whispering about—clearly and effortlessly, without missing out on audio cues and intense ambient effects

improved audio details

Pick up on audio details that highlight the subtle prompts in a film, like a swift movement in a suspenseful scene that has you on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s to come in the next scene

hyper-realistic audio

Enjoy 7.1 surround sound, and top it up with natural and lifelike audio that’s deeply immersive and highly realistic, with the same sense of space, distance, and direction as movie theaters—right from your headphones

audio sweet spot and privacy

Get the audio sweet spot as though you’re in the best seat at a cinema theater and enjoy full audio privacy with your headphones, without sacrificing the audio effects and volume akin to a surround speaker setup, or disturbing your neighbors

unique audio profile

Super X-Fi's technology customizes audio for you based on the shapes of your head and ears to determine how you hear things, and creates your unique listening profile that’s optimized just for you

There’s always a higher mountain to conquer.

We are constantly researching and developing our technology to bring you the next level in audio entertainment.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the 2nd generation of Super X-Fi. With Gen2, you can expect to enjoy even clearer dialogues in movies without sacrificing cinematic effects, and be able to hear more accurate audio cues in the surround sound configuration.


Whether it’s wired or wireless, at home or on the go, we have a Super X-Fi for you!

SXFI AIR Over-ear Headphones Wireless. On the go. Mobile phone users. Enjoy Super X-Fi’s hyper-realistic surround audio anywhere with SXFI AIR. During daily commute. While waiting for someone at a café. Wirelessly via Bluetooth®. BUY NOW LEARN MORE
SXFI TRIO In-ear Headphones Wired. On the go. Pristine acoustics even on phones. For those with a preference for in-ear experience, SXFI TRIO is compatible with USB-C Android Phones and delivers powerful acoustics performance that will satisfy audio lovers with a demand for pristine audio quality, even on phones! BUY NOW LEARN MORE
SXFI THEATER Over-ear Headphones Wireless. At home. Desktop or laptop users. Optimized for impeccable wireless audio and video sync for low-latency audio that triumphs Bluetooth wireless connectivity, on your desktop or laptop. Got the lazy bones? Lay down on your bed in comfort while binge-watching from your ultrawide monitor, there are no strings attached! BUY NOW LEARN MORE
SXFI AIR C Over-ear Headphones Wired. At home. Affordable premium surround for desktop or laptop users. Made for those who prefer a simpler solution, simply plug it in via the included USB cable to enjoy hyper-realistic and deeply immersive movie experience as the movie theater–directly from the headset. BUY NOW LEARN MORE
Sound Blaster X3 USB DAC and Amp Wired. At home. Doubles up as USB DAC for your existing headphones. If you have a discerning taste for audio and want something truly versatile for different uses the Sound Blaster X3 is definitely for you. With hi-res 32-bit / 192 kHz playback at 115 dB DNR / SNR, enjoy the most pristine audio with a myriad of connectivity options to choose from. BUY NOW LEARN MORE
SXFI CARRIER Soundbar with Subwoofer 5.1.2 soundbar for TV. Comes with Dolby Atmos® surround. Jointly developed by Creative and Dolby Laboratories, this soundbar is engineered with personal involvement by Dolby’s experts and their innovative acoustics concept. Built with audiophile-grade components and our audio engineering know-hows, expect powerful and cinematic audio with that all-familiar surround sound akin to a real cinema, at the comfort of your home. BUY NOW LEARN MORE