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Android Phones

For Android phone1 users, you will require:

  • Android ver. 7.0 and later
  • a USB C-to-C cable (provided)2

1 For some Android phones, you might need to switch on "OTG" on your phone to allow your device to detect the Creative SXFI AMP.

2 For Android phones with a USB Micro-B connector, use a USB Micro-B OTG adapter and the provided USB C-to-C cable to connect. Make sure that the adapter is marked “OTG” as the phone needs the signaling from this type of adapter to switch itself into USB host mode.

Step 1: Connect SXFI AMP with your Android Phone

Open the SXFI App.

Connect your Android phone to the SXFI AMP with the USB C-to-C cable1 provided.

Step 2: Connect SXFI AMP with your headphones

Connect your preferred headphones3 to the SXFI AMP, select the headphone profile via the ‘Headphone Selection' tab in the SXFI app.

Step 3: Set-up Complete

3 If you are using a headphone that is not listed, try the “Unknown In-Ear/Headphone” first, and if that does not work as well, please try out each headphone selection in the list to find one that works better.