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Buy the Creative iRoar Bundle

Creative iRoar Bundle


Creative iRoar

Wireless Intelligent Speaker with Custom Audio Profiles

Creative iRoar is designed to empower you with the best audio performance beyond its size. Smart and powerful, the legacy continues with a new take on its predecessor, the Sound Blaster Roar. Clean and accurate, your audio experience will be so refined like no other.

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Creative iRoar Rock

Docking Subwoofer for the Creative iRoar

Designed to unleash the full potential of the iRoar (sold separately), the Creative iRoar Rock is a powerful docking subwoofer that is part of the iRoar Ecosystem. Get more out of your audio when you dock the iRoar via the Docking Expansion Port. This feature further extends and enhances the mid-range, bass and surround performance of the iRoar. Quick and simple, the iRoar Rock also acts as a wireless charging solution for the iRoar without any fuss.

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Creative iRoar Mic

Wireless Voice Projector with Emotion Amplifier

The Creative iRoar Mic is designed for work and play. Transform the Creative iRoar (sold separately) or Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) into a personal PA system (Public Address system) when you pair with the iRoar Mic. It also works together with Sound Blaster Roar Pro (sold separately) to deliver clear and loud voice, which is great for power presentations, public speaking, and teaching, storytelling or karaoke sessions!

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Sound Guys

Now the best all-around best Bluetooth speaker you can get is the Creative iRoar intelligent Bluetooth speaker. The SoundBlaster speakers are great for a number of reasons... The iRoar has three drivers and two passive radiators inside that provides a nice full sound. Bass is deep and highs are detailed without ever becoming piercing.

Best Bluetooth Speaker of 2017

Creative iRoar Bundle



The Creative iRoar is an interesting speaker. Its performance is clearly aimed at those who enjoy music and are picky about audio quality, even in a portable unit. Its virtually endless expansion and customization options make it ideal for music tweakers and tinkerers, while opening the iRoar up for being the basis of a larger sound system if you’re willing to invest in expanding it. It’s virtually a platform.

Creative iRoar Bundle


High-Def Digest

The Creative iRoar has ascended to be one of the most versatile audio devices available today. A portable Bluetooth speaker with a powerful and adjustable soundstage that belie its Bluetooth speaker footprint. It can easily serve as good sound solution for a TV, PC, or game System. Many of the advance features have been intelligently refined to the point that they ought to become industry standards, while its add-on potential is like future tech. Highly Recommended.

4.5 out of 5

Creative iRoar Bundle


Creative iRoar Bundle 6.8 out of 0 based on 2 ratings. based on 39 reviews.

Customer Reviews

R. Olivieri

Powerful sound in a tiny box. The sound is clear even at high level. Bluetooth connection is good. I won't give 5 stars because it doesn't have a WIFI/LAN connection.

T. N. Tran

Really good and fast shipping

D. Kirkland

It's awesome. The sound is great and the features are nice and easy to use.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative iRoar
    • Creative iRoar
    • USB Cable
    • Wall Power Adapter and Plugs
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Carry Pouch
  • Creative iRoar Rock
    • Creative iRoar Rock
    • Power Cords (CE, UK, US, CN, JP and ANZ Power Cords)
    • Quick Start Guide
  • Creative iRoar Mic
    • Creative iRoar Mic
    • USB Cable
    • Foam Windscreen
    • Lanyard
    • Quick Start Guide

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