Welcome to Creative’s Membership Program. Registering for a new account on’s website automatically makes you a member of the membership program. As a member, you are eligible to receive points from various activities and use them as redemption for online purchases.

The following terms and conditions apply to members of all Creative’s membership program tiers.

  1. Membership

    1. We reserve the right to terminate the membership program at any point in time for any reason or for no reason or make revisions to the rules and criteria of the points system, discounts, promotional item selections, these terms and conditions and any other program mechanics without notice.
    2. We reserve the right to terminate any member’s membership.
    3. The email address that is used to register for a Creative account will be the membership ID to be used for accumulating and redeeming member points. No physical membership cards will be issued for the program. Each member must be actively logged into his or her account prior to completing certain activities in order to earn points (e.g. sharing of product pages).
    4. A member is allowed to create more than one (1) account using multiple email addresses. However, points will only be awarded to the email address used at the point of log in. Points received are not transferrable between accounts.
    5. It is the responsibility of each member to keep his or her login information confidential. Each member is fully liable for the activities associated with his or her membership account and password.
    6. Creative’s membership program consists of two (2) tiers – Basic & Premium.
    7. Enrollment for the Basic tier membership is automatically initiated as soon as a new account is created on the Creative website. Membership is only granted once the terms and conditions to the program are read and accepted during the online registration process.
    8. Premium tier membership is granted to Basic tier members after they have made their first purchase on the website. Members who make a first purchase immediately after registering for an account will automatically be granted the Premium membership provided they have read and accepted the terms and conditions during the registration process.
  2. Points

    1. All members are eligible to receive 1 point for every GBP1 spent in the online store, subject to limitations set forth below.
    2. Points are only awarded after purchased products have been shipped.
    3. Points are calculated based on the price of each individual product line item in the order, with a maximum cap on the price at GBP800. For products that exceed this amount, only GBP800 will be eligible for conversion to points.
    4. New members who sign up for Creative’s newsletter will be awarded 40 points. Each unique email address is permitted to receive member points only once. Members who unsubscribe and subscribe again will not be eligible to receive such points.
    5. Members receive a total of 30 points for referring a friend who registers for an account on Creative’s website and makes a purchase. Points will only be credited to the account after the friend makes the purchase. If the friend subsequently cancels the order or returns the product, then the 30 points will be deducted from the referrer’s total point balance.
    6. Points awarded for Creative product purchases are calculated based on the final price paid after applying any discounts, promo codes and points redemptions to each individual product line item.
    7. Purchase-with-purchase items, products that are marked for clearance, and any other products at Creative’s discretion, will not be eligible to receive points.
    8. Points received are neither transferrable nor can they be combined with different accounts under the same member holder.
    9. Corporate orders for Creative products are ineligible to receive any member points.
    10. When an order is cancelled, or products returned, points originally received from the order/product(s) would be deducted accordingly. If points balance is insufficient for deduction, then the equivalent cash value of the points owed will be deducted from the product refund amount.
    11. Members are ineligible to receive points for any purchases that took place prior to registering in the Membership program.
  3. Redemption

    1. Members may redeem their member points by logging into the Creative website at
    2. Every 25 points spent online will automatically be converted to GBP1 store credit by the system. The store credit can only be used to offset online purchases at, and cannot be used to offset any physical store purchases, or withdrawn as cash, vouchers or used for other means.
    3. The default redemption option is always set to “Full redemption” using all available store credit. Members will need to override this selection should partial redemption or no redemption options be desired.
    4. Points expire in six (6) months from month of award for Basic members, and twelve (12) months from month of award for Premium members. Members can also check on their points’ expiry dates by logging into their accounts.
    5. Expiry date is based on the month that points are received, and not the actual date. So for points awarded to a Basic member in a particular month, the points would expire six months later on the last day of the same month. The same arrangement for expiry date applies to Premium members, except that it takes place twelve (12) months later instead.
    6. Any unredeemed points beyond the expiry dates are forfeited. Requests for extension of expiry dates will not be entertained. If your membership is terminated for any reason, any unredeemed points will also be forfeited automatically.
    7. Member points bear no monetary value. Points cannot be redeemed for cash under any circumstance.
  4. Contact

    1. All matters relating to the membership program and member points will be emailed to the email account provided during account registration.
    2. It is the responsibility of each member to provide a valid email address during account registration. Creative will not be liable if a member does not receive information or updates on the membership program as a result of inaccurate email contact information.
    3. Members shall log into to check on their point balance and redemptions under the Account section.
  5. Authorization of Personal Information

    1. By registering an account, you accept our Terms and Conditions to be part of Creative’s Membership Program and you agree to allow your personal information to be accessed by us. We may use the information to develop promotional packages which might be of interest to you or otherwise in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  6. General

    1. Creative shall have sole and final discretion with respect to interpretation and applicability of any and all aspects of this Member program and any decision it elects to make shall be final and binding.
    2. Members are prohibited from undertaking any action that may damage or undermine the operation of the website and/or interfere with the Membership Program. Creative reserves all rights available at law or in equity against any such violation, including without limitation, criminal prosecution.
    3. Creative has no control over and is not responsible for: (i) Internet availability or functionality, failures, or difficulties of any kind; (ii) any condition caused by events beyond the control of Creative that may disrupt, interfere, or affect in any way this Membership Program; (iii) any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of your participation in or failure to participate in this Membership Program; or (iv) any errors in any materials associated with this Membership Program.
    4. There is no warranty with respect to the information and material on our website are provided for informational purposes only. Your access to and use of our website are entirely at your own risk. The website is provided "AS IS" and “AS AVAILABLE”.
    6. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of Singapore, excluding any choice of law principles. Any proceedings shall be conducted entirely in English.
    7. If any provision of these terms and conditions, or their application to any person, place, or circumstance, is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or void, its remaining provisions and such provisions as applied to other persons, places and circumstances shall remain in full force and effect. Neither our failure nor our delay in exercising, enforcing or taking action against you with respect to any of our rights or powers shall operate as a waiver of such powers or rights. No single or partial exercise by us of any of our powers or rights will preclude us from exercising such powers and rights in the future or from exercising other powers and rights.
    8. You may not assign your rights or obligations, in whole or in part, under these terms and conditions without our prior written consent. We may assign our rights and obligations herein without any notice to you.

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