Creative Senz3D

Depth and Gesture Recognition Camera for PCs, in collaboration with Intel

Experience a whole new way of interaction with the Creative Senz3D™ depth and gesture camera for PCs. Use hand gestures to play games, give voice commands for applications and more! It’s also a 720p HD webcam with a dual-array microphone for your video recording and chatting needs.




3D gesture control technology

3D face sensing

Bundled games

The Senz3D camera detects hand gestures and head movement, opening new possibilities for fun interactive games and interesting ways to interact with your computer.

The camera can also capture right down to the contours of your face, creating many new app and game development opportunities for professional and amateur developers alike!

Get started right away, with several bundled games that specifically work with the Senz3D camera, utilizing its advanced gesture recognition technology.

FastAccess 3D facial recognition software

Using 3D face sensing and face recognition technology, FastAccess 3D works as a futuristic enhancement as you may have seen in movies! Log in to your PC, favorite social media sites, email client or other password-protected accounts and websites without having to remember long passwords. Coupled with the Senz3D's depth sensor, it provides added protection with enhanced anti-spoofing during authentication.

Skype-certified 720p HD video

Chat in stunning 720p HD quality on Skype with your loved ones. You can also record videos in HD, presenting the perfect showcase platform for video blogging enthusiasts or aspiring YouTube stars! Express yourself in vivid detail like never before.

Crystal clear voice pickup

The beamforming dual-array microphone with noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology ensures your speech and voice input will be crystal clear and accurately captured.


Nuance Dragon Assistant 1.5

This included handy speech recognition and 'intelligent personal assistant' application is able to recognize your voice commands and respond to them. Use your voice for various scenarios and applications such as posting to social media sites, searching on the web or even email dictation.

Personify zChat and Personify for Skype

Using the included Personify software, you can digitally remove and replace unwanted backgrounds during video chats or recordings, thanks to the Senz3D's depth sensor. From eliminating distracting backgrounds during Skype video chats to superimposing useful information for futuristic interaction, the possibilities are endless!

Live! Central 3

The Senz3D also comes with Creative's Live! Central 3 software suite that allows for full control of the camera's settings. Use it to add additional effects to footage, share photos or presentation slides easily via video chat. You can also upload videos to social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube with ease.

Works with Windows 7 and 8

The Senz3D includes drivers that are compatible with Windows 7 and 8 to ensure you get the best experience with your camera.


Kung Pow Kevin

Kung Pow Kevin

The Senz3D comes bundled with four free games with gesture controls to get you started straightaway! The fate of Kung Pow Kevin's world and this ancient secret art is in your hands! Train with Kevin to become a Klap-Chi Master. Enjoy full gesture support for realistic and intuitive interaction!

A Million Minions

A Million Minions

A humorous, cartoony action game that requires you to smash, slice, aim and block an endless horde of colorful creeps!

Idol Hands

Idol Hands

Gradually conquer the world by guiding your people against others - all with your hands!



Use the free motion of your own hands to solve 3D puzzles and rebuild a broken planet.


Portal 2 Perceptual Pack - now with additional levels!

The Portal 2 Perceptual Pack created by Sixense™, which reacts to hand gestures, hand movements and voice commands, will be available as a free download for customers who purchase the Creative Senz3D. The Portal 2 Perceptual Pack takes advantage of the gesture capabilities delivered by Creative Senz3D and Intel Perceptual Computing SDK. It represents the type of new gaming experience enabled by depth sensing technology, allowing users to solve 3D puzzles in new and entertaining ways. It now includes 10 additional levels, making it 15 in total!

Get more apps and games online

The Perceptual Apps Site serves as a great location for you to download more apps and games to be used with Senz3D. Check it out regularly for updates!

Program your own apps and games

Keen to develop exciting applications that deliver a new user experience? Download the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK today!


  • everythingusb

    When Intel takes time out of their keynote speech at Computex to announce and hype a product, you can pretty much be assured that it is something special.

    Creative Senz3D


  • Liliputing

    Intel, Creative, and others are now trying to skate toward where they think the puck will be in the coming years by building hardware and software for things like voice control and gesture control.

    Creative Senz3D


  • Laptopmag

    Laptopmag's Best of Computex 2013 (Best Peripheral) Award Winner. Rather than just enabling users to navigate a computer’s UI with gestures, the Senz3D’s growing app selection also seeks to change the way people video chat, record video, consume content and play games.

    Creative Senz3D



    Using the provided setup, with a PC running Portal 2, our man on the ground reports that the sensor bar offers impressive accuracy, which allowed him to open and close a hand in order to pick-up one of Portal's fabled cubes.

    Creative Senz3D


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A Closer Look

      • RGB video resolution
        HD 720p (1280x720)
      • IR depth resolution
        QVGA (320x240)
      • Frame rate
        Up to 30 fps
      • FOV (Field-of-View)
      • Range
        0.5ft ~ 3.25ft
      • Dual-array microphones
      • Size
        4.27” x 2.03” x 2.11”
      • Weight
      • Multi-attach base
      • Cable length
        1.8 meters
      • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
      • Creative Senz3D™
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Software* Installation USB flash drive

      *Games and software applications:

      • Idol Hands
      • A Million Minions
      • Kung Pow Kevin
      • Aligned
      • Nuance Dragon Assistant 1.5
      • FastAccess 3D
      • Personify zChat
      • Personify for Skype
      • Creative Live! Central 3
    • 2-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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